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Location: Yishun
Type: Job Offered
Phone: 97499252
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Who we are hiring ?

Students, guys awaiting to be enlisted in Army, in between jobs, unemployed, retrenched, housewives, entrepreneurs, etc

What we are selling?
We are promoting good health and wellness through our range of Moringa products.

Is Training provided ?
Yes, Training in groups or 1 on 1 coaching is provided.

How much does it costs ?

No need to pay joining fee.
No need to carry stock at home.
No need to hit sales target each month.
No need to buy products to sell.

What we want from you ?
Like us , you wholeheartedly believe the health is wealth, that it is one's responsibility to take care of our own health, both physically and mentally.

You believe supplements that are natural, wholesome, 100% plant based supplement are better than the synthetic ones sold in the market!

Moringa, a superfood meets all these requirements and much more ! Visit our website ( to find out more about this heavenly plant and its benefits if you have not heard of it !

While this is a commission based job, we understand that facing customers , handling objections, closing sale may not be something you are comfortable or good at. No problem, for your first few sales, we would accompany you, , answer questions from your customers and if necessary close the deal for you and you take the full commission.

If you want to find out more, whatsapp me at 9749 9252 for a no obligatory discussion or email me -

We would love to hear from you.

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Singapore Free Classifieds - Sgadsonline
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Singapore Free Classifieds - Sgadsonline