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For you who are reading this, I believe you may feel lost and confused about what exactly Principles of Accounts is. Why is there a need for accounting and why are you even learning it?

Yes, to get a good grade for O level, of course.

However, before you think about that, you should first be concerned about how you can go about understanding the subject and with the understanding, how do you apply them to the exam questions.

We trust that a strong foundation of understanding is the building block to acing the subject, POA. Therefore, we will assist to build up on your understanding using very relatable and practical real-life examples.

Very soon after, you will realise, POA isn’t all that hard to understand as it is all based on common sense and your everyday life examples.

For Sec 4 & 5 students facing their O Level in a few months’ time, this is exactly what you need right now, to either grasp your understanding for the subject, or improve it to gain better confidence.

For Sec 3 students who are facing your school exam that is fast approaching, our help would be good for you to build your foundation so when you proceed to Sec 4, you will find this subject the easiest to handle.

Worry no more, and sign up for our lessons held by our tutors experienced in the accounting industry, who will definitely give you the help you need by giving practical real-life examples that you can relate to, to aid your understanding.

Time waits for no one, hurry and book your slots NOW*
*you may opt for one month trial and continue if you’d like
**you may also bring your friend(s) along for even cheaper rates

If you are keen to know more, you may contact us by sending in the following to OR 9374 9138:

Name of student(s):
Area of residence (i.e. pasir ris, tampines, bedok, etc):

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