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Location: Geylang
Type: Offered
Price: 988
Phone: 91764766
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价钱:S$988.00(包括学习材料价值 S$400.00)

2 Days Intensive Eyebrow Embroidery Course
Price: S$988.00 (inclusive of material kit worth S$400.00)
In-house certificate upon completion of course

学习项目 Agenda:
三种手工雾状眉 Embroidery Techniques
•粉雾眉 – Misty
•粉黛眉 – Smokey
•水雾眉 – Gradient Mist

理论知识Theory :
••真正半永久的正确概念 Theory of semi-permanent makeup
••传统纹绣的区别 Contra indication on embroidery
••半永久师的正确概念 Ethics on being a eyebrow specialist
••各样半永久产品介绍 – Products & Tools indication
••卫生知识 Healthy & Safety awareness/tips

实际操作流程示范 Practical :
如何有效与客户沟通 Effective customer satisfaction training
纸上和仿真皮练习100%快速上手 Drawing on paper & synthetic skin 100% easy to learn
真人操作练习~自备1位模特儿 Practical on real model, please prepare your own model

学习材料内容 Material Kit:
•纯植物雾眉色料 Organic colour pigments x 2
•眉型对称量尺 Eyebrow measuring ruler
•修眉刀片 Eyebrow Trimming Blades x 1 box
•手工打雾操作笔 Gradient needle pen x 1
•手工打雾针片 Microblades x 10pcs
•设计眉笔 x1黑 x1褐 Eyebrow pencil 1 black 1 brown
•麻药 Numbing cream x 1
•中途二麻 Gel Numbing cream x 1
•色料杯 Ring cups 100pcs
•纹绣专用保鲜膜 Clint wrap
•双面练习皮 Synthetic skin

日期 Date:22/1/2018 & 23/1/2018 (Monday & Tuesday)
时间 Time:10.00am-6.00pm on both days
地点 Venue: 1 Brooke Road, Katong Plaza
自备 Prepare: 1位真人模特儿实操 (1 model of your own on 23/1/2018)

Potential Income Calculation:
1 set of eyebrows cost $250 on average, 5 days in a week, below is your potential income!
$250 x 20 days = $5000 per month

250新币 x 20个顾客 = 5000 新币每月

Learning eyebrow embroidery is definitely worth it and a skill you must go for as your side line or even as your main source of income! You can even conduct your own training course in future!
Call/SMS/Whatsapp at 9176 4766 to register now!

Referral Scheme: Refer a student to us and you shall entitled to $100.00/pax commission!

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