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Students! If you are looking at this ad, you are probably in need of help for POA. POA is actually a subject that requires nothing more than common sense. No literal memorising is required. As long as you sit for our lesson, absorb what is taught to you and religiously do the exercises we provide, you are well off to go get a good grade!

Dear parents, if you are reading this, it may have come to your attention that your child is struggling for POA. Why is it so, it’s simply because their foundation is not strong. Unlike other subjects, you can fair differently for different topics and still manage a decent grade for exams. However, for POA, you really need a solid groundwork before you can move to the more advanced topics. We always guide and enforce the importance of just the first 3 topics of POA, and many of them are good to go for the rest of the chapters with just simple guidance.

Please be assured that learning materials will be provided. In case you are wondering, many students told us that they used our notes provided for their POA exam revision. Why is that so? It’s because we made the notes very clear, concise and simple to understand. It would serve as a better reference as compared to the chunk of notes and thick textbooks that the school uses.


1. Students will be first assessed for their better and weaker topics
2. Customised method and speed will be catered to individual student
3. Homework will be given as recap/reinforcement for their stronger topics
4. Weaker topics will be strengthened during lessons
5. Additional homework will be provided for weaker topics
6. Weekly review to test students’ memory and practices for recap purposes
7. Stronger topics to be strengthened and weaker topics to be improved.
8. Hone students’ time management skills and to reduce careless mistakes
9. Ensure students will master all topics
10. Practice school papers & ten year series once syllabus is completed to prepare them for final year exams

Ultimately, we encourage students to do more practice at home and accumulate their questions so that during the lesson, they can feel free to bomb and clear their doubts with us. With all the above, that’s how we make tuition effective and productive for you.

Come join us for a FREE TRIAL LESSON to allow yourselves to have a feel if it's the right fit for you!

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We provide tuition that are not only effective but affordable too! If you are keen to know more, you may contact us @ 9374 9138 and please furnish the following for smoother communication:

Name of student(s):
Secondary Level [e.g. Sec 3N(A)]:
Latest exam grade (e.g. D7 for End of year exam):
Day/timing available (provide at least 3 preferred timings):

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