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Location: Tampines
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Phone: 86082465
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Hello, my name is Jade and I have recently in 2017, graduated from secondary school topping my level, school and nation in my GCE N'Level examinations, scoring an aggregate of 5 points. I also sat for some O'level subjects such as English and POA and scored B3 for both.

I regularly get recognised with awards such as the MOE Edusave Scholarship for the top 10% of individual levels and school based awards for scoring 4, 5 or 6 distinctions.

I specialise in teaching the n/level curriculum as I was once an n/level student, therefore I am very familiar with the syllabus and have many tips and tricks that I am willing to share with my fellow peers to help them ace their examinations.

Being an N/level student myself, I am aware of the daunting tasks, confusing theories and careless mistakes regularly made and can help guide and correct them to ensure that as they sit for their examinations, they will be able to deter themselves form making mistakes and confusing themselves.

As a peer tutor I will be able to relate, bond and explain my objective more effectively and efficiently. My way of teaching and getting a point across is to make sure the student understands the situation by describing the theory in a more comprehendible manner with relation to real life scenarios. This way the student will be able to remember the theory better as it is linked to something one does in their daily lives. This method is in fact one trick I used to get straight A's for my examination.

Additionally, my other objective is to show others how easy it is to score well for an exam, with the right help and practice. This way they will be motivated to do better and not look down on themselves simply because they are in the NA stream. I myself was an N'level student and I managed to get into one of the most competitive courses in Polytechnic, Biomedical science, this course is a 7 pointer O'level cut off point course and I was able to beat many of my O'level peers and get in even though I am in the NA stream.

Here are the subjects I will be able to teach,

1) N'lvl POA

2) N'lvl Emath

3) N'lvl Comb Sci - Biology and Chemistry

4) N'lvl Comb Humanities - history and social studies

5) N'lvl English

I am able to come down to individual houses to teach either 1 to 1 or group tuition depending on preference. However I prefer places at the east of Singapore - around the Tampines area - this is negotiable.

Please contact me at- 86082465 for more enquiries and pricing. I will be able to do a trial lesson at 50% off the first hour.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you or your child ace their GCE N'level examinations

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