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This is a private one-on-one training tailored for learners who are non-English speaking, such as foreigners, as well as anyone who feels a need to improve their pronunciation skills.

Below is the course outline:

Part 1: Voice & Speech Evaluation
• English Consonant Sounds and Pronunciation Drills:
• Stops Sounds: b sound, p sound, d sound, t sound, g sound, k sound;
• Affricates Sounds: j sound and ch sounds;
• Fricative Sounds: Voiced th, z sound, v sound, and zh sound and unvoiced th, s sound, f sound, sh sound and h sound;
• Nasal Sounds: m sound, n sound, and ng sound;
• Liquid Sound: l sound, r sound, er sound, ar sound, or sound, air sound
• Glide Sounds: w sound and y sound
• English Vowel Sounds and Pronunciation Drills:
• Long and Short Vowel Sounds: a sound, e sound, i sound, o sound, u sounds;
• Other Vowel Sounds: oo sound, aw sound, oi sound ow sound

Part 2: Script Reading and impromptu narrative speeches with Audio Playback and Review

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