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Lately a friend of my co-worker wife Singaporean had an intimacy with the blangadesh. So one of my friend pretend to talk this groups of blangadesh and found that they now aimed at Singaporean Chinese house wife and SPR wife because they just want to make use of this women as become a PR so they can do more fun with the Singaporean wife and PR wife.

First of all, I am not here to look at racist, some blangadesh really are good and work hard to support their family in blangadesh. But majority of them are using this techniques to seduce the housewife and at times ask for their money.

So, I am here to alert most of the sporean or Spr husband to be more alert on this groups of blangadesh be it coffee shop, house void deck.and even on the bus. They followed women alight at lonely bus stop and pretend asking for direction and with all their motives.

So let's all help one another to fight for our loves one.